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STRAWBERRY GIRL - 2011 ANNUAL FLOWER CHILD Clock Seller Nutcracker Bavarian Lunch SPRING BIRDHOUSE Summer Birdhouse Glass Ornament
Clock Seller
Our Price: $148.95
Bavarian Lunch
Our Price: $22.95
Spring Birdhouse
Our Price: $32.95
Summer Birdhouse
Our Price: $21.95
The flowerchild stands under the ripe red fruit of the Strawberry plant. Käthe Wohlfahrt original design; Limited Edition Children's Dreams  2011 Annual Magic of Nature collectionannual figurine with  engraved brass plate and certificate of authenticity. Clock Seller showing the detail of his finely crafted clocks. Käthe Wohlfahrt Holzknackl original design; hand-painted wooden nutcracker. Bavarian enjoying an Oktoberfest meal or sausage and radii. Spring Birdhouse decorated with birds and flowers. Käthe Wohlfahrt original design Holzknoddl Smoky; hand-painted wooden smoker. Incense cones not included. Summer Birdhouse with sunflowers and a little black bird welcoming you in. Käthe Wohlfahrt exclusive design; hand-painted, mouth-blown European glass ornament.